PAGB GB Cup - GB Trophy and NEW Masters of Print

All SPF Member Clubs are also affiliated to the PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain). The PAGB co-ordinates the interests of all its UK Member Federations and their Member Clubs. To this end the PAGB organises photographic events for its Federations and their Clubs and Club members.

The PAGB Club Events on this webpage can be entered by any SPF Member Club or SPF Club Member, without any prequalification being required.

The PAGB GB Cups and PAGB GB Trophy are Club events. Clubs who are interested in submitting their entries to these events do so, directly to the PAGB. Details are available below.

The Masters of Print is open to Individual Members of SPF Clubs - Details are available below.

SPF Club Results and Scottish Individual Awards from the last few years are also shown here.

Details of Closing Dates and Judging Dates for all of these Events are given below, but are also available from the SPF Diary area of this website (click here) to go to the Diary.

PAGB Masters of Print
Masters of Print Scottish Results 2017

Scottish Photographers did extremely well in this year's Masters of Print competition. With only a maximum of 60 individuals work being exhibited it was a tightly fought event, resulting in four SPF photographers winning Medals, and more winning Sponsor's awards. Full details of the Medals and Sponsor's Awards can be downloaded below.

Of the final 59 works exhibited 10 were from Scottish authors. Congratulations go to - Eion Johnston (Gold Medal), Clive Turner (Silver Medal), Gavin Forrest (Silver Medal), Mick Durham (Silver Medal), Maybeth Jamieson, Gordon Rae, John McVie, Martin Watt, Mike Cruise and Stephanie Wilkie.

All of their photos along with the other 49 exhibited works and prize winners can be viewed in the exhibition catalogue available below.

If anyone finds themselves in London, the exhibition is still on and runs until 15th Dec at the RK Burt Gallery, 57 Union Street, London SE1 1SG. It is hoped to bring the exhibtion to Scotland. More details will appear here when available.

How to Enter

This new PAGB Masters of Print Competition was held for the first time this October, and will thereafter be held annually. The Judging is followed by a public Exhibition. Individual Photographers who are members of affiliated Clubs may enter directly, without any pre-qualification.

Photographers may enter prints to any combination of the Monochrome, Colour and Nature Categories, and awards are made to individual prints. Prints are then selected for the Exhibition. Awards and Selections for the Exhibition will also be published in the Exhibition Catalogue.

A copy of the 2017 Rules and Timetable for the Masters of Print can be downloaded below. Details can also be found on the PAGB website (click here) 

If you have read all of the below details you can complete your online part of the entry on the PAGB Entry System just (click here) - ENTRY OPEN - The closing date for on-line entries is Saturday 21st October 2017

Once your entry is complete, you will be able to print off a completed set of labels and entry form, and be given options to pay via paypal or cheque.

Prints have to be received by post/delivery to Rod Wheelans by no later than 25th October 2017, or handed in at the PAGB Print Championship on 29th October. You can also hand in your prints to Rod, Libby or John McVie again to arrive by 25th Oct. Rod and Libby are happy to collect at the SPF's PAGB Awards Workshop on 1st Oct at Stirling.   A flyer for your Club is supplied below with details of all of the great prizes!

GB Trophy Results 2017

The PAGB GB Trophy is an Inter-Club competition for unmounted Prints and every club who is affiliated through a Member Federation (SPF) is eligible to enter. This event was introduced in 2015.  There are two separate competitions – GB Trophy (Open – Mono and Colour), and GB Trophy (Nature). Entry is made online. The closing date for the 2017 event is 3rd Nov 2017.

Full details are given on the below rules download. (Click here) for details about the event from the PAGB website.

An online entry requires to be completed for this event. To enter online (click here) - ENTRY OPEN

When this is complete, you will be able to print off labels and entry form (no PDIs are required to be uploaded) 

PAGB GB Trophy - SPF Clubs Results

Coming Soon


The PAGB GB Cup is an Inter-Club competition for Projected Digital Images and every club who is affiliated through a Member Federation (SPF) is eligible to enter. There is no pre-qualification for this event.

There are three separate competitions – GB Cup (Open), GB Cup (Small Clubs) and GB Cup (Nature). Entry is made online at the GB Cup website (A new website will be launched by the PAGB for 2016) Participating clubs will receive an AV show of the best pictures on a DVD, sufficient to fill an excellent Club evening. At least one of each club’s entry is always included. 

We have given you basic rules to download below. (Click here) for further details about the event from the PAGB website.

2017 PAGB GB Cup - SPF Club Results

Several Scottish Clubs competed in the 2017 PAGB GB Cup for Large Clubs; St Andrews, Dingwall, Bon Accord, Paisley Colour, Edinburgh, EAstwood and Dumfries. Six finished within the top 40, with Eastwood finishing in 12th place, and Dumfries in 2nd, only two points behind winners Arden Photo Group (MCPF).

One Individual Award was presented to a Scottish Author - Slow Day by Maybeth Jamieson was awarded the Best Travel Image and awarded a Bronze Medal.

Only three Scottish Clubs competed in the PAGB GB Cup for Small Clubs; Donside, Kirkcaldy and Brechin. Brechin was the highest placed Scottish Club in this section finishing in 14th equal place, 15 points behind the winners Warrington PS (L&CPU).

Eleven Scottish Clubs enterd the PAGB GB Cup Nature section, five of whom finished in the top 10; EAstwood, Edinburgh, EAstwood, Paisley Colour and Dumfries. Dumfries finished in 5th equal place and Paisley Colour PC in 10th Equal. The winners were Rolls Royce Derby (NEMPF).

Again Scottish authors did well individually, with Mick Durham being Awarded Best Action Bronze Medal for Predator an Prey, and Gordon Rae a Bronze Medal for Best Mammal for Watching Mum. Gordon also went on to be equal winner of the PAGB Nature Photographer of the Year for which he was awarded a Gold Medal, sharing the title with Gianpiero Ferrari (MCPF).

2016 PAGB GB Trophy - SPF Club Results

There were only two Scottish Clubs who finished in the top 25 places of this years PAGB GB Trophy Open section. Both made it to the top 10, with Dumfries CC finishing top Scottish Club in 3rd Place, and Carluke in 7th place. 

There was one Individual Award presented to a Scottish author in the Open section. Paul Keene's Judge's Award went to Robert Hendry of Carluke CC for Loyal Companion.

In the Nature section one Scottish Club was to finish in the top 20, Dumfries CC. Dumfries ended up with a tremendous result lifting the trophy for the Best Club in the Nature Section, two points a head of 2nd placed Chroley PS.

There were three individual awards presented in the Nature section to Scottish authors, all to members of Dumfries CC. Predator and Prey by Mick Durham, and Watching Mum by Gordon Rae both picked up Judge's Awards. Grumpy Sparrowhawk by Gordon Rae also received an individual award the 'Best Like George Award'.

More of the Award winning images and full results can be found on the PAGB Website (click here)

2016 PAGB GB Cup - SPF Club Results

Please see below the full placings for the PAGB GB Cup 2016.

A number of Scottish Clubs did well in the competitions, but congratulations must go particularly to Eastwood Photographic Society who finished 2nd Equal in the Open Clubs competition - A great result! You can see their 2nd placed entry in the galleries section of this website (click here)

In the Open Clubs Competition another 5 Scottish Clubs made it in to the top 20 Clubs -  Paisley Colour PC 12th=, Carluke CC 15th, Edinburgh PS 16th, St Andrews PS 17th= and Dumfries CC 19th.

In the Small Clubs Competition no Scottish Clubs reached the top twenty. Deesdie Camera Club was top SPF Club in this section with a score of 102.

In the Nature Clubs Competition SPF Clubs faired better again with top Scottish Club being 9th= placed Paisley Colour PC two points ahead of 12th= placed Bon Accord CC. No other SPF Clubs reached the top 20 of the Nature competition. To see Paisley Colour PC's top 10 nature images (click here)

2015 PAGB GB Cup - SPF Club Results

12 Scottish Clubs entered at least one of these three events in 2015. These clubs varied greatly in size and location, one of the attractions of a CD on offer for free, and a Small Clubs competition as well as the Open for Larger clubs.

In the Nature Cup three Scottish Clubs finished in the top 30 with Dumfries finishing 7th=.

In the Small Cup only Donside finished in the top 30, finishing 28th=.

In the Open Cup we had five Scottish Clubs in the top 30, with Bon Accord and Kilmarnock finishing in 31st=. Top Scottish Club was Carluke CC in 6th place, with Dumfries just one place behind. Eastwood also made the top 10 finishing 9th. Kilmaurs finished 21st and St Andrews 27th=.

A number of Individual Awards were won by Scottish Authors from these Clubs.

In the Open (Large Clubs) section individual awards went to Gavin Forrest of Carluke for Tulips, Best Still Life; Ken Lindsay of Eastwood for On Jokulsarlon Beach, Best Seascape and Anne Greiner of Dumfries for My Ducky, Best Environmental Portrait.

In the Nature Section individual awards went to Bill Terrance of Kilmaurs for Black Grouse Displaying, Best Bird.

Full Club Placings can be found from the GB Cup area of the PAGB website (click here)

2015 PAGB GB Trophy - SPF Club Results

Seven SPF Clubs entered the Open section of this new competition in 2015, and four made it to the top 30. Dumfries CC finished top Scottish Club in 6th Place, and Carluke in 8th place. Kilmarnock PC was to be the third best SPF Club in the competition finishing in 12th place. Kirkcaldy PS also made the top 30 overall.

Two of the Individual Awards went to members of SPF Clubs - Best Creative Colour went to Libby Smith, Carluke CC for Ooops! and Best Colour Travel went to Anne Greiner, Dumfries for Twinkletoes.

In the Nature section three Scottish Clubs participated, two finishing in the top 20. Dumfries finished 9th and Donside finished 16th=.

More of the Award winning images and full results can be found on the PAGB Website (click here)