FIAP Biennials

FIAP Biennials are competitions and exhibitions, that are organised on behalf of FIAP (Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique). They are hosted and run by different Countries around the world under conditions laid out by FIAP.

A competition is run in each of the following mediums every two years; Mono Print, Colour Print, Colour Projected Image, Nature Print and Nature Projected Image. These competitions can see upwards of 500 photographs exhibited. FIAP Medals, Trophies and other awards are presented to the top countries and individuals. Visit the FIAP website for full results and awards from previous FIAP Biennials (click here)

Within each medium, each country chooses its own theme, and puts together a panel of images or prints on that theme aiming to get the entries as coherent as possible. During the competition the panel of entries is given both individual scores for each work, and also a mark for how coherent the panel is. The country with the highest combined score is the winner.

As Scotland is a FIAP member in its own right, it competes separately to the PAGB, as does the Welsh PF who also have their own membership of FIAP. These organisations come together from time to time to co-host FIAP Biennials. The 26th Colour Print Biennial in 2015 is an example of this.

These Biennials count towards your required SPF Pre-qualification for the PAGB Distinctions.

2018 - Call for Images Themes

The SPF are currently seeking images for potential use in the FIAP Biennial competitions. These competitions involve submitting Prints or PDIs to a host nation using a theme chosen by each entering Nation. As well as judging and marking each image in a traditional way, marks are also awarded to how closely each entry meets their own chosen theme.

It is therefore important that our own selection panel have a wide choice of submissions to choose from. Initially we would like to see the PDI versions of each image to enable a selection of each panel. These to be formatted in the normal way you would prepare for an internal club competition i.e. 1600 pixels long or 1400 pixels long, and emailed to Robert Fulton. See PDF below for full details and Robert's info.

The 2018 Themes, chosen by the SPF are -

Natural History Section - “Scottish Mammals” “Raptors” These must comply with FIAP Natural History Definitions (Click here for definition)

Black and White Section - “Trees in the Landscape” “People in Places” N.B. Coloured images are also welcome, as we can convert if selected.

See below for some examples of what we are looking for.

Nature Section Themes - Scottish Mammals and Raptors
Black and White Section Themes - Trees in the Landscape and People in Places
Who Can Enter

Anyone who is a member of an SPF Club is eligible to enter FIAP Biennials. Entries must be submitted to the SPF, who will submit their strongest entry, on their chosen theme from the images received.

Clubs and Individuals cannot submit entries to FIAP themselves. These are competitions between Countries/Federations.

33rd Monochrome Biennial 2016

The 33rd FIAP Monochrome Biennial was Judged in Korea during the 2016 FIAP Congress. The SPF's entry was Environmental Portraits with the theme 'At Work and Rest'. Details of that entry are given below. You can view a gallery of our Mono Biennial Print Entry (click here)

Our entry finished in 12th place out of 48 countries. Full details of the other country positions can be downloaded below. 

Print NoTitleAuthor
1The Tin ManAnne Greiner
2The RecyclerJim Stevenson
3The MachinistJohn Smith
4The Chicken ManClive Turner
5The Radio ManRod Wheelans
6The CobblerRoger Hinton
7The BakerJohn Wilson
8The PrinterPeter Paterson
9The SaddlerLibby Smith
10The SpinnerKen Lindsay
26th Colour Print Biennial 2015

2015 saw the SPF, PAGB and WPF jointly hosting the Judging and Exhibition of the 26th FIAP Colour Print Biennial. The Judging took place in June at Smethwick PS's Clubrooms. The Judges were Herbert Gmeiner EFIAP HonEFIAP (FIAP), Bob Moore HonFRPS AFIAP MPAGB HonPAGB (England) and Rod Wheelans FRPS MFIAP MPAGB HonPAGB (Scotland).

A wide range of photography was submitted to the competition by 26 Countries, and it turned out to be a very close fought competition, with Argentina winning by a one point margin, for which they were awarded the FIAP World Cup - Their chosen theme was 'Older Men in their Environment'. PAGB were second and received a FIAP Gold Medal, their theme was 'People in their Environment'; Ireland finished in 3rd place with their panel 'People Creatively' just one point ahead of Scotland in 4th, for which we received a FIAP Bronze Medal.

One of our Scottish authors, Gavin Forrest, Carluke CC, was awarded a FIAP Honourable Mention for his print Pink Dawn. The top individual Award went to Gabriel O'Shaugnessy of Ireland for Ibbs for which he was awarded a FIAP Gold Medal. His top image was used as the base for our exhibition poster; This together with more photographs of the Scottish Exhibition opening in November can be seen below.

The SPF chose the theme 'Winter Landscapes' for its entrya small taster has been given above. All ten of the SPF's Bronze Medal winning entry can be seen in our gallery section (click here) 

26th Colour Print Exhibition at Dumfries
Previous Results

Scotland have won various medals and Hounourable Mentions over the years in FIAP Biennials. Individual Authors have also been successful gaining Awards in their own right. However, our biggest achievement to date was winning the FIAP Van de Wijer Trophy and the FIAP World Cup for our collective results in two years of FIAP Biennials.

You can download a copy of our 2011 Exhibition Catalogue below which shows you some of the photos that were used in that winning entry. A book of our entries is also available to purchase or view from Bob Books 'Scotland - Champions of the World'. We will feature some of our previous successful panels in our gallery section in future months. 

You can view all of the recent FIAP Biennial top Awards and Results at the FIAP website (click here)